Causes of Acne on Sensitive Skin and Proper Skin Care

Some people often experience acne, this condition often occurs in those who have sensitive skin. For those of you who have this condition, it is important to know about proper skin care to prevent ongoing skin problems. Acne is one of the most common skin problems. Acne can form when skin pores are clogged by a buildup of dead skin cells, skin's natural oil or sebum, and germs. When this happens, the skin pores can become inflamed, this condition which then causes acne. Acne most often occurs in adolescents who enter the puberty phase until young adulthood, and can be compounded by several factors such as hormonal changes, genetic or hereditary factors, stress, and blackheads. Owners of sensitive skin are said to be more susceptible to acne. Sensitive skin itself is characterized by easily appearing reddish, sore and itchy after being exposed to certain substances or conditions, such as sunlight, hot or cold temperatures, soap, dust, to stress. Sensitive skin can appear in ad…
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